What authority does Glooscap Ventures have?

Our 10-year strategic plan assigns us with the task of making decisions that improve the prosperity of the Glooscap family as a whole. That plan, and our very existence, was created with input from Chief and Council. As long as we stick to that plan and treat our job in the community with great care, Chief and Council trust us to be the experts in economic development.

How will you know if you’ve been successful?

Success will come from sticking to the five-year Action Plan that Chief, Council and our Board approved. The plan says there are three things we should focus on. They are:

  1. Strengthen existing businesses.
  2. Establish a new business at Hwy 101 exit 8a.
  3. Look for opportunities in agriculture (the land), aquaculture (the sea), long-term care (wellness) and alternative energy (power).

Who gets the final say on the decisions you make?

Chief and Council are elected representatives of the community, and they do get the final say on the decisions we make. Together, our job is to believe in a prosperous future for everyone and to make smart decisions that will help make that prosperity real.

Why do you focus on making money on the community’s behalf?

It is the reason we exist. Chief and Council appointed us to be the business experts in the community. They trust us to use our knowledge in ways that will benefit everyone.

When will Glooscap Landing open?

Glooscap Landing will open in phases over the next three years. Phase One (late 2016), will include a convenience store, gas station and coffee shop. Phase Two, planned for 2017, includes and market and bistro. The final phase, projected for 2018, will include a hotel and cultural centre.

Are you looking for partners?

Yes! As our work at Glooscap Ventures continues to evolve and expand we will be actively looking for a variety of partnerships. If you are interested in learning more or have an idea you would like to share, please click here to connect with us.

Will you be opening more businesses in the future?

Our 10-year strategic plan calls on us to maximize the efficiency and future viability of current businesses before we expand our offering. That, along with the launch of Glooscap Landing, is our primary focus in the short-term. As that work is completed, we fully expect to move into new industries and open additional businesses that will support the future well-being of our community.