Our Purpose

Our story begins many years ago with the mighty and powerful Glooscap, the founding father of the Glooscap family.

Our Brand Mark

The Glooscap Ventures brandmark was designed with a storytelling approach in mind. It is intended to bring you into a visual journey of cultural elements and Mi’kmaq legends.

Watercolour treatment represents the artistic metaphor that Glooscap used a “brush” to create his landscape. The full colour spectrum reflects the Mi’kmaq’s rich and vibrant culture. The energetic circular movement of the logo was inspired by the Mi’kmaq Talking Circle, which is a traditional way for Aboriginals to gather. The circles are a gathering to solve problems, discuss and generate a feeling of harmony and kinship to all who participate.


In the spirit of our First Nations’ storytelling tradition, we are pleased to share the story of Glooscap Ventures.

Our story begins many years ago with the mighty and powerful Glooscap, the founding father of the Glooscap family.

Glooscap gave his family many gifts. He taught them to be strong and resilient. Welcoming and warm. Resourceful and confident.

But in his wisdom, Glooscap knew that one day, long after he was gone, the family would need his help. So he left behind a very special gift that could only be opened when the family was ready for what was inside.

One day, not that long ago, when the family was in search of inspiration and strength, they went to their Chief and asked if he could open the gift. And so, the Chief went in search of it, not knowing what it was or how it would help.

When he finally found it, it was something no one knew existed. Not his children, neighbours, or Council members, not even the Chief himself!

It was courage. The courage to believe that life in the Glooscap community could be better than anyone had imagined before.

Chief and his fellow Council members cherished the courage, knowing it was precious.

Before long, one of the family members came to see the chief and shared stories of other communities who had found a similar gift.

Chief invited this man to share his knowledge. As Council listened, they began to understand the power of the gift and saw that its value has no limits.

Chief shared what he had learned with the entire family. Everyone grew so excited that they asked Chief, Council and the man to help them turn their gift of courage into even more gifts of resources and prosperity.

The Chief agreed, and the man got to work. He knew he would need help, so he invited others to join him. He found partners in nearby places and champions all across the land. Together, they set out to become experts in how to use the family’s courage and discover all of its potential. They began making plans to explore new territories, build new structures and create new opportunities.

It didn’t take long before others heard about what was happening with the Glooscap family and they themselves were inspired. And while much work lies ahead, far and wide the family and their heroic decision is becoming a legend of its own. Through it, the spirit of Glooscap has come alive once again.