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Glooscap Landing

Glooscap Landing is a highway retail business centre located at Exit 8A on Highway 101 in Kings County, Nova Scotia. The 26-acre plot of land is entrenched in the history and legends of Glooscap, a Mi’kmaq spiritual leader. Throughout history this region has been an attraction for tourists and locals interested in agriculture, sea tides, and the cultures of the Acadians and Mi’kmaw people. Glooscap Landing is owned by the Glooscap First Nation community located 10km away and the purpose of Glooscap Landing is to create more employment, resources, and general economic prosperity to Glooscap and the surrounding communities.

A recent feasibility study conducted by Stantec Consulting in conjunction with Altus Group has determined that a gas bar and convenience store located on this property would enjoy a

competitive advantage in relation to other retail centers located along the 101 highway. The project is being developed in three phases; with the gas bar/convenience store being the first

to be built. In addition, there are ongoing discussions with a national coffee distributor to be located within the complex. While the gas bar and convenience store would be owned and

operated by Glooscap Ventures, the intention is to lease space to the coffee retailer.

Phase two of the project will include a market at Glooscap Landing, and will include retail

opportunities for a seafood outlet, a bistro, along with local foods and crafts. Future development of phase two will also include accommodations and a retail business centre.

Though the use of a cultural centre and walking trails, phase three of Glooscap Landing will be designed to attract and educate visitors on the Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African Canadian, along with the other diverse cultures that make up the mosaic of the Annapolis Valley.

Feasibility assessments for the project have been completed, along with a business plan for the highway gas and convenience store. We are currently working on a leasing portfolio which will be available for individuals who are interested in space within the upcoming market development as well as additional land holdings within Glooscap Landing.

Store map
Store map
Phase 1 Map
Phase 1 Map